These rugged, portable, lightweight air tools are designed for simple application of Metal-Tack or Gripnail fasteners. Air Hammer number 221 utilises a series of magnetic drivers, which are available for both Metal-Tacks and Gripnails.

Flexibility and ease of operation make these air hammers ideal for field use, and for reaching hard to get at application surfaces. A readily accessed air regulator is standard on both models.

Safety features include interlock to absorb the impact if the hammer is accidentally fired. The hammer will not impact unless depressed against a solid base.

Removable magnetic driver holds the fastener firmly in place while the operator depresses the driving head against the application surface. Then, with a single controlled force impact, the fastener is driven into the base metal forming a permanent mechanical attachment.

Magnetic Drivers

Driver tips are magnetised for holding Metal-Tack and Gripnail fasteners. Drivers for all Gripnail fasteners have an exposed length of 2-1/2" and a head diameter of 3/4". Metal-Tack drivers have an exposed length of 1-3/4" and a shaft diameter of 1/2".

Custom drivers of varying lengths for special applications are available. These drivers are for use with Air Hammer No. 22

Air Hammer

Part No.


Driver Type Used


Standard Air Hammer (Includes Air Regulator)



Magnetic Drivers
(For use with Air Hammers No 221)

Part No.


Designed for Fasteners Series


For flat head fasteners with 5/32" diam. head, has recessed driving surface.



Universal Metal Tack driver, flat surfaced driving head.

All Metal Tacks


For 3/16" chamfered head fastener, has recessed driving surface with taper.

3161 only


For flat head fasteners with 3/16" diam., head, has recessed driving surface.

31 and 33


For flat head fasteners with 1/4" diam., head, has recessed driving surface.

41 and 43


For all Gripnail Fasteners.

All Gripnails