Max M-K Modified Pneumatic Nailer

For fixing 20mm and 22mm solid hardwood floors

max mk nailer

  • Tool designed for accurate nail placement at a 45 degree angle.
  • The tool action will not cramp the board therefore intermediate expansion allowances can be visually pre-determined before nailing.
  • Effortless operation from a standing or kneeling position.
  • Fitted with a countersink adjuster.
  • Operating pressure constant 7 bar (112 psi).
  • Air consumption - 1 litre per shot at 112 psi = 150 nails per min, when run off MK2002 2 hp compressor.

Nail With Complete Confidence

  • Flexi-J nail designed to retain its strength and yet flex in sympathy with the floor.
  • Specified by Junckers for their Modular DIN & single batten sports and dance floors.
  • Flexi-J nails are identified by J mark on head.
  • Made from special heat-treated steel, phosphate coated.
  • Annular ring shank for added holding power. Short pointed to minimize wood spliting.
  • 45mm and 50mm long x 2.2mm gauge, small head
  • Galvanised Standard floors nails without J mark or heat treatment, ideal for commercial and domestic 20mm and 22mm solid hardwood floors.
  • Also suitable for face or tongue nailing softwood T&G floorboards.
  • 200 nails per plastic coil. The plastic sheet collation passes through the tool and remains intact as each nail is fired.