Maestri/Spotnails Unique Electronic Pinners

me30 panel pinner

ME30 Panel Pinner

Also suitable for secret nailing up to 12mm overlay strip flooring, profiles, thresholds.

20 shots per minute

me30 pin sizes



me3008 veneer pinner

Spotnails SE30/08 Veneer Pinner

Dedicated for fixing scotia and quadrant. Head half the size of ME30 panel pin.
Very small hole requires no filler.

30 shots per minute

me3008 pin sizes

The perfect finishing tools for the wood floorlayer beating the hammer and punch single handed for a flawless finish.

  • Can fix 6 metres of scotia or quadrant per minute.
  • Chip-controlled 2 mm automatic countersink into all hard woods and MDF.
  • Pencil thin nose allows accurate pin placement at any angle.
  • Protective rubber feet prevent damage to pre-finished surfaces.
  • No more call backs to refit glue-failed mouldings.
pinner nose