Why Caps??
  • 20 times stronger hold than staplers alone
  • Increased water protection
  • Improved speed and accuracy
  • Available in both pneumatic and manual
  • Suitable for house wrap, Membrane, Polythene, Roofing Felt, Timber Wrap and many more
  • Caps massively reduce risks of tears, rips and damage to the material its fixing from the increased holding power meaning little of no repairs necesary on site or off site
The Range!!

The Autofeed CH38A Cap Hammer

Weighing only 1.16kgs with a capacity of 168 caps and 3/8" (10mm) staples per loading

The CH38A delivers the holding power of a cap with the speed and ease of a hammer tacker. With every swing, this airless cap system automaticly advances the cap and positions it for the staple

Click the link below to see just how quick and easy the CH38A is to use

Autofeed CH38A

The CH38-2 Cap Hammer

Weighs in at 1.16kgs with a capacity of 168 caps and 3/8" (10mm) staples per loading
The CH38-2 cap hammer is designed to drive 3/8" A11/T50 staple, with 1"collated plastic caps in tandem. Lightweight and easy to use, this manual hammer tacker maximizes productivity, while offering excellent user comfort. The CH38-2 eliminates the hassle of an air hose and compressor, making it cost-effective for contractors. The CH38-2 is perfect for synthetic underlayments, housewrap, roofing felt and rolled insulation.


The Spotnails GCS8116 Mini Crossfire Cap Stapler

Weighs just 1.82kgs and can hold up to 200 staples and 200 caps per load

The Spotnails GCS8116 is a compact, economical pnuematic tool for securing felt and housewrap. The GCS8116 is lightweight, fast and performance balanced making it efficient and easy to maneuver and can fire up to 5 staples and caps per second. It's 10 times faster than the hand driven application and features bump fire action, quick clear nose and a 360° exhaust.


The Spotnails LCS6838 18 Gauge Cap Stapler

Weighs 2.18kgs and can hold up to 200 staples and 200 caps per load

The Spotnails LCS6838 is a versatile cap stapler that shoots up to 38mm staples and can be used for felt, foamboard and housewrap. The tool is a lightweight, compact design making it easy to maneuver. The design is ergonomic, thus reducing arm fatigue. The clear basket feeds in seconds and the large capacity means fewer stopd to reload.


For more infomation or the request a demonstration on any of the above tools please contact us